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Advantage Design Group

2021 NODA Regions 1-3 Conference Session

a discussion with UCLA

Pre-Orientation Online Module: The Ultimate Student Empowerment Tool

presented in cooperation with NODA, Association for Orientation, Transition, and Retention in Higher Education

After a jam packed, orientation session, new students entering UCLA were overwhelmed and not retaining the information provided to them. When preparing for the next term, Academic Advisors reported students’ inability to run and read their Degree Audit Report and register for classes on their own. What if students had a way to prepare for orientation on their own before coming to campus?

Today, UCLA guides students through a pre-orientation online module built on Advantage Orientation. Students complete the “Preparing for New Student Orientation” module before attending a live orientation session and, with continued access, more students are successfully preparing for their second term with fewer advising sessions.

This recording features a discussion, demonstration and answers to questions with Jesse Carrasco, Associate Director of New Student & Transition Programs. Learn how UCLA shifted orientation strategy from overwhelming to empowering.