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Higher Education Video Production for Online Orientation

Capture New Students' Attention & Reinforce Your Brand

Higher Education Video Production for Online Orientation

Creating high-quality, Higher Education video production for online orientation is an ideal way to deliver engaging content. There’s little doubt that when it comes to delivering a compelling and consistent message, in or out of the classroom, video makes an impact. In fact, some research indicates that not only is video content expected, it improves brand perception and makes information easier to retain.

Within Advantage Orientation's intuitive interface, video attracts students to your orientation message. Students learn as they engage and interact. Video is part of the experience that makes your story "stickier" and more believable.

Comprehensive video production services by Advantage Design Group® leans on our vision to help people “show” their story. So, in addition to our digital designers and programmers, we also have a complete, in-house video production department. This diverse team includes script writers, producers, videographers, editors, and animators.

They are known for their consummate professionalism and patience working with student hosts and campus leadership. And they are in demand! In just over a year, our Video Production Crew filmed at over 50 campus locations – from Rhode Island to California to Florida.

Here’s what people say about working with us.

“You guys were nothing short of outstanding!”

“Thank you for coming to our campus. Your videographers were… patient with our students.”

“…your amazing video team… was creative, professional, patient, kind and encouraging.”

Browse through video samples to ignite some fresh video production ideas.

Then, when you’re thinking about building your online orientation with Advantage Design Group®, remember, when it comes to video production, we’ve got you covered. Now that’s a wrap!