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EdTech Partnership Innovates Student Experience for Greater Student Engagement

Online Orientation and College Application Software Streamlines College Admissions Process

EdTech Partnership Innovates Student Experience for Greater Student Engagement

Two EdTech companies have formed a partnership to innovate the student experience early in the college admission process. Advantage Design Group’s online orientation platform and VisualZen’s college application software will align to support student experience and engagement, from admission to orientation and beyond.

Advantage Design Group®, originators of Advantage Orientation®, and VisualZen, developers of college admissions and enrollment management software, seek to innovate the student experience by empowering administrators with onboarding tools.

Student Experience Unified

Technologies impacting the new student experience span the gamut of the student journey, from recruitment to enrollment. At the same time, student engagement strategies are often segmented across institutional departments and separate technologies. This partnership seeks to enable a student-centered onboarding process that empowers administrators and eliminates barriers to cross-departmental communication.

“Our solutions for Higher Ed not only help students, supporters, and staff collaborate effectively, they also bring together the diverse interests of campuses, departments, programs, and more,” said VisualZen Founder David Morales. “The approach is to align both efforts in a smart and friendly digital experience for orientation and admissions.”

The Art of Online Orientation

Advantage Design Group® is known for its unique approach to online orientation production. Advantage Orientation® leverages UX design, branded to the institution’s requirements, with interactive and video-rich content. Students, families, and staff are guided through essential orientation information at their own pace, without being overwhelmed. The system includes real-time data analytics and on-demand content management tools for administrators.

“Our companies are both hyper-focused on better ways to engage with students and their families early in the enrollment process, so working together to make our mutual technologies easier and more effective is a natural fit,” said Advantage Design Group COO Catherine Swingle.

About VisualZen

VisualZen is a software development company that serves the Higher Education industry with admissions and enrollment management solutions. Founded in 2001 by David Morales, the company’s mission is to Build Better Pathways for Student Success.

About Advantage Design Group

Advantage Design Group® is a software company, recognized as the largest online orientation producer in the United States. The Advantage Orientation® platform welcomes millions of new students at over 320 institutions in nearly all 50 states and 3 countries. Advantage Orientation® online orientation systems are built to help higher education leaders onboard students faster for greater success at college. This innovative orientation solution will set your institution above the rest.

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