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Student Confusion: The Nationwide Epidemic of Higher Education

Reduce Student Confusion at your Institution with Video Subscription Service

Student Confusion: The Nationwide Epidemic of Higher Education

Student Confusion is like Kryptonite to your Retention Rates. 

Let's face it: Your students don’t want to read about Financial Aid, academic honesty, FERPA or anything else that’s unexciting or mentally draining. 

The transition to college is overwhelming for many students, with its complicated topics and confusing processes. As higher education professionals, you play a vital role in guiding students through this journey and making them feel confident and competent throughout. However, if students are not equipped with the right tools, this responsibility can result in endless student queries filling your inbox. 

Though you are answering the questions, directing them to the forms, and guiding them to the best of your ability, there’s still confusion, sometimes resulting in a lack of action on the student’s part. 

Your students need a more comprehensive, simple approach to receiving information.  

Something that helps them retain information, and helps you retain them.  

If They Don't Find Confidence, They Will Leave 

The two major factors that affect retention and student experiences are financial stress and a lack of support and resources. 

Imagine a platform where students can access comprehensive videos that break down the financial aid process step-by-step. Instead of ciphering through at a UX-neglected government website, they can watch engaging videos that simplify each stage of the application. This approach enables them to grasp the essential information more effectively and retain it for future reference.

First-generation college students are 71% more likely to leave college in their first year than their non-FGCS counterparts... and tend to experience fear of failure at higher rates.

H.B. Harwood, 2017 

Your students come from diverse backgrounds. Some have been more primed and prepared for college than others. Some, as in the case of many first-generation college students (FGCS), are battling constant bouts of imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and feeling overwhelmed as they try to navigate the uncharted territory of higher education. The added information overload (that comes with entering any academic institution) can sometimes be the last straw. 

Luckily for you, many positive student retention outcomes stem from students feeling like they have a sense of control, organization, and clarity over what’s happening in their lives.  For an FGCS, everything about college might be confusing. Suddenly, they need more time-management skills, better financial planning, and a broadened awareness of institutional policies and expectations. Your students who are in this position deserve access to resources that will pacify those nerves and remind them that (although things can get complicated) they have everything that they need. 

Confusion mixed with a lack of confidence feels like chaos. And no one wants to sit in chaos for too long. 

No More Unprepared Students 

At Advantage Design Group®, we recognize the need to distill these complicated topics and processes into something digestible. With Advantage OnDemandTM, our goal is to provide students with a streamlined and user-friendly video experience that ensures they receive and retain the information needed to successfully navigate their higher education journey. 

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Advantage OnDemandTM (AOD) offers a vast array of topic-based informational video content tailored specifically for students.. By subscribing, you unlock instant access to a vast library of high-quality videos that simplify complex college topics in an engaging and understandable way. This not only benefits students in their quest for knowledge but also helps institutions with compliance, particularly in areas like Title IX. The videos provided by AOD ensure that students receive necessary information and institutions fulfill their obligations, fostering a safer educational environment for all. 

AOD offers a curated catalog of video assets that can significantly enhance your messages to students. Here's how it can benefit you: 

  • Communicate in Both English and Spanish: Address the diverse needs of your student population by providing video content in both languages. 
  • Address Today's Most Relevant Topics: Keep students informed about the latest issues, challenges, and opportunities they may face during their college journey. 
  • Provide Timeless Advice: Deliver timeless advice and guidance that students can revisit whenever they need support. (Freeing your staff of inbox chaos. They’ll thank you later.) 
  • Explain Important Processes: Simplify the explanation of complex processes like financial aid, making it easier for students to understand and navigate the application. 
  • Save Time: Get instant access to high-quality videos at a fraction of the cost it would take to produce just one, saving you valuable time and money. 

While you may not have control over the complexities of the student transition, you can make relevant information more accessible and comprehensive by leveraging the extensive video content available in the AOD catalog. 

Advantage OnDemandTM allowed us to avoid building text-heavy content for a more engaging experience. ... The 11K+ students who have opted to participate in online orientation so far have viewed the FAFSA video nearly three times. It seems that some of the changes and challenges around FAFSA this year likely motivated them to review it multiple times, ultimately helping more students successfully submit their FAFSA application... 

Matthew Belanger

Vice President, Student Engagement & Achievement

University of Maryland Global Campus 

Request a Tour and Experience the Advantage

Ready to discover how Advantage OnDemandTM can be the quick solution you've been searching for? Request a tour today and see sample videos firsthand. Experience the impact of high-quality, engaging video content on your students' confidence and success. 

Don't let confusion and frustration hinder your students' success.  

Learn more about Advantage OnDemandTM and take the first step towards simplifying the college transition for your students.


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