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Breaking Barriers to College: How to Give Underserved Students More Access

Online orientations can expand access to underrepresented students

Breaking Barriers to College: How to Give Underserved Students More Access

The journey to higher education looks different for everyone. As leaders in the higher education space, we must be cognizant and empathetic to the diverse challenges and barriers that students face. It's our responsibility to proactively address these obstacles and provide equal access and opportunity for all. 

One powerful solution to bridge these gaps is leveraging online orientations. 

Accessibility is at the forefront of our online orientation solution. We have designed it to be user-friendly for all students, including those with learning disabilities or other accessibility needs. Our commitment to inclusivity ensures that every student can navigate the orientation seamlessly and begin their college journey with confidence. 

Additionally, by translating online orientations into different languages, we can cater to a wider range of students and ensure that language barriers do not hinder their access to essential information and resources. 

Moreover, online orientations are a game-changer for students who are unable to physically get to campus. Many factors, such as financial constraints and socio-economic disadvantage, geographical distance, or personal circumstances, may prevent students from attending in-person orientations. By offering online alternatives, we break down these barriers and ensure that every student can experience a comprehensive orientation program. 

But it doesn't stop there.  

With an online orientation, we provide students with the flexibility to access the information at their own pace, saving their progress as they go. Students are able to bookmark key information and access it later, as needed. This empowers them to make informed decisions and better navigate the college experience. 

As we strive to create an inclusive and equitable higher education landscape, let us embrace the power of thoughtful, personalized online orientations. Together, we can break down barriers and provide underrepresented students with the access and opportunity they deserve. 

Discover how you can provide accessibility and foster inclusivity with personalized support for every student. Experience Advantage OrientationTM for yourself, then request a live tour today.