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Colleges and Universities Welcome Students with the Best Onboarding Experiences

Engaging & Effective Student Onboarding Made Easy

Colleges and Universities Welcome Students with the Best Onboarding Experiences

Colleges and universities welcome students with the best onboarding experiences that begin with Advantage Orientation®, Advantage Design Group’s online orientation software. Engaging and effective student onboarding is now an easy way for schools to put their best virtual face forward to recruit and enroll more students than ever before.

Advantage Orientation® is an online orientation platform. This fully customizable, cloud-based solution is welcoming, introducing, and preparing millions of new students and their families for successful transitions to college at hundreds of institutions in three countries. Institutions range from large public community colleges and universities to small, private schools.

Dedicated to The Experience

Unlike other web-based options, Advantage Orientation® is uniquely designed to deliver an end-to-end onboarding experience. Students engage in guided, self-paced, media-rich, and interactive content. “The system is intentionally designed to be completely accessible on any device, available any time throughout a student’s college career,” said Catherine Swingle, Founder. The platform is mobile responsive and ADA compliant.

It’s about Time

Instead of relying on an assortment of emails, website pages, text messages, learning management systems, social channels or virtual tours, administrators are delivering essential orientation information in a fun, engaging and cohesive way. Students explore their new college home over time without being overwhelmed and just-in-time to reinforce early enrollment decisions. At the same time, administrators can monitor and analyze student participation in real time.

What Students Expect

Today’s audiences demand creative media within an intuitive interface on any device. Students want answers and expect to be treated like individuals. Many super users in the Advantage Orientation® community report previous attempts at building an orientation as a course in a learning management system. With Advantage Orientation®, they can now personalize content, deploy content over time and provide relevant content tracks to unique student populations. Student survey responses point to a greater sense of preparedness to transition to college with confidence, fulfilling another touch point in the enrollment process.

 What Administrators Expect

When choosing technology to provide student orientation, Advantage Orientation’s capabilities check the boxes for a broad, cross-section of campus partners:

  • Student affairs professionals focus on engagement
  • Marketers want the institutional Brand presented at its very best
  • Enrollment managers want to see quantifiable results
  • IT directors require a secure and reliable solution
  • Everyone wants the process to be easy, simple and sustainable

Getting Started

Whether you choose to augment your online orientation with custom creative and technical services, Advantage Orientation® offers the most comprehensive and turn-key solution for institutions to put their best virtual face forward when students need it the most!

Log in to experience Advantage Orientation® just like a student or request a live tour.

About Advantage Design Group®

Advantage Design Group® is a multimedia production and software development firm established in 1998. This certified, woman-owned business is the largest online orientation production company in America, employing over 40 full-time staff. The company’s diverse talent includes digital specialists in art direction, UX design, programming, video production, content development, project management and training. Advantage Orientation®, the company’s cloud-based orientation solution, is currently deployed by hundreds of higher education institutions in three countries. The platform provides virtual onboarding experience to support successful transitions for new students and new hires.