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FYE Conference addressed First Year Student and College Online Orientation Software

Panel Discussion

The FYE Conference addressed the first year student and quality of college online orientation software during an educational session. Attendees engaged in the opportunity to learn directly from their peers about their experiences with online orientation.

Panelists included: 

  • Korrin Anderson, Associate Director of Orientation, Florida International University 
  • Charles Prince, Director of Student Success and Transition, Howard University 
  • Cris Legner, Dean of Student Services, Hillsborough Community College. 

Panelists spoke about how their schools initially built an online orientation on their own, using students or members of their university staff to lead the project. What they found was that the project was too big to undertake on their own in the time frame they needed and that the quality of the orientation wouldn’t be what they wanted.

Because online orientation is the first introduction to the university for many students, the quality is very important -- both in appearance and functionality. In addition, many of the features, such as tracking, reporting and memory return, weren’t available to them through an in-house solution. These reasons, and others, all led them to Advantage Design Group® and to their successful online orientation platforms.

Panelists also addressed how their onsite orientation changed now that they have an online orientation, how the online orientation program helped with reporting on data towards accomplishing goals, and the benefits of implementing an online orientation.

Preview and request access to the session recording.

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