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Virtual Orientation Software best solution for New Student Orientation and Staff Training

Success Story: Farmingdale State College

Virtual Orientation Software best solution for New Student Orientation and Staff Training

Advantage Design Group’s virtual orientation software is a proven solution for new student orientation and staff training. Here’s a great success story and a model you can follow. 

Farmingdale State College (FSC) is a mid-size, four-year institution within the State University of New York (SUNY) system. After years of tracking, the leadership in FSC’s Dean of Students office knew in-person orientations were becoming too expensive to produce and more students were opting out. Believing online orientation was the solution, staff struggled to complete their vision using the college’s learning management system. Then, they contracted with a software service provider offering a template-based system only to discover they needed “more than a next button.”

Vision Realized

With Advantage Orientation®, FSC was able to revive its online orientation program and provide students with an engaging and interactive onboarding experience. “When we launched, we thought we had been under a microscope. There were a lot of departments taking a look at us because we were doing this really ambitious project,” said Kevin Schnurr, staff associate in the Dean of Students Office.


Soon after launching their online orientation platform, New York mandated state employees complete sexual harassment training. That’s when campus partners who’d been watching the online orientation project in progress posed an idea. Today, Advantage Orientation® is serving multiple purposes across the institution. It is now a student engagement AND staff training platform.

“Everyone is ecstatic — a combination of fiscal responsibility, a high-quality product, and near-universal participation,” said Frank Rampello, Assistant Dean of Students at FSC.

One Powerful & Adaptable Solution

Students are “connecting to the school and really getting plugged in.” As a result, more students are successfully completing enrollment and beginning their college career with greater confidence. Staff have access to mandated training and the institution is operating in compliance, providing everyone greater peace of mind.

Learn More

In this case study, Frank and Kevin address the goals, strategies, tactics, and impact of using Advantage Orientation® as a comprehensive online orientation and training solution. Download the case study and request access to the webinar recording to gain more insight.

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