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Supercharge Your College Enrollment Strategy: The Blunt Truth About Wooing Today's Students

How to maximize your strategic roadmap to increase conversion rates, matriculation, and yield.

Supercharge Your College Enrollment Strategy: The Blunt Truth About Wooing Today's Students

How to maximize your strategic roadmap to increase conversion rates, matriculation, and yield.

Supercharge Your College Enrollment Strategy: The Blunt Truth About Wooing Today's Students

There was a time when students blindly flocked to colleges based on reputation alone. Today's generation of students and families are more discerning. They want colleges to show them the value they bring to the table. Now, the ball is in the enrollment officer’s court. The barrage of competing information and offers makes gaining students’ attention challenging.

The Blunt Truth About Wooing Today's Students 

You’re likely wearing multiple hats, from enrollment to orientation. It can be tough to apply abstract advice from every direction regarding enrollment marketing and new student recruitment. But here’s the bottom line: In today’s changing landscape, you need a unique, digital-first approach to s stand out, capture students’ attention, and drive them through the enrollment funnel.

Your task: Get their attention. Earn their trust. Win more students.

It’s time to seriously engage prospective students and their families with reasons to believe and apply. It’s time to gain a competitive advantage.

Create an Immersive Experience

How students communicate has changed, and it's crucial for institutions to keep up. Brochures and email, once the go-to methods, are now considered outdated by younger generations. It's essential to think creatively and adapt our behaviors as they shift theirs. This means embracing communication channels that resonate with them, such as  

While more static forms of marketing provide valuable information, they lack the emotional resonance that an immersive experience can deliver. Emails can be easily overlooked or forgotten, but engaging visuals and stories are stickier. They transport us to a different place, allowing us to hear student testimonials, virtually step on the campus grounds, see the buildings, and imagine ourselves walking along the pathways.

An immersive experience brings an institution to life, catering to the emotional side of decision-making.

Prospective students don't just want to read about an institution's offerings; they want to interact and visualize themselves there. This is why Advantage RecruitingTM takes an experiential approach, incorporating video-rich content, modern visuals, and interactive elements to foster a sense of connection.

Check out this demo from Florida Polytechnic University.

Distinctly Communicating Your Value Proposition

You know how great your institution is, but how do you help students and their families know it?

Imagine being a 17-year-old with dreams of pursuing higher education, excited about the endless possibilities that await you. You're eager to embark on this new chapter of your life, but at the same time, there's uncertainty. How will you know if an institution is the right fit for you? How can you truly visualize yourself thriving in that community?

Effectively communicating these differentiators to prospective students can be a challenge. A robust virtual engagement experience enables you to showcase your institution's value proposition in a way that leaves a lasting impression. By utilizing personalized, relevant content, you can demonstrate your institution's strengths, highlight success stories, and address the specific interests and needs of individual prospective students. This tailored approach engages students on a deeper level and influences their enrollment decisions.

Explore this example from Winston-Salem State University.

Multiply Your Recruiting Capacity

With Advantage RecruitingTM, you can easily engage with more prospective students and their families on any device, anywhere in the world, with a data-driven system you control. Showcase your brand, track engagement in real-time, and make data-driven offer decisions more efficiently. With Advantage RecruitingTM, you have the insights to understand what makes your prospective students tick.

It's a new era of enrollment marketing. 

Are you ready to claim your competitive advantage?


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