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The Best Solution for the Dreaded Melt Rate

The time is drawing near for students to receive their long-awaited college acceptance letters. While high-school students eagerly await their letters, colleges throughout the country anxiously hope that accepted students will choose their school.

Each semester, colleges and universities around the country have students who pay a deposit to attend but fail to show up. The difference between those who accept and those who enroll is the expected "melt rate." Before we can address the issue, we must understand why students tend to melt away over the summer in the first place.

Recent studies show that students are looking for a college that will give them the best experience possible, in and outside of the classroom. Students aren't just looking for any college, they want an educational experience to be the perfect fit for them. They want to enjoy the student activities, be a part of a vibrant campus culture, and feel valued from their professors.

It is more important than ever for colleges to stand out and highlight their campus.

“Everyone worries about melt,” says Jim Rawlins, Colorado State’s executive director of admissions. “Show me an admissions officer who isn’t worried about summer melt, and I’ll show you someone looking for a job.”

So how exactly can colleges balance student’s desires while still increasing their enrollment and reducing melt? Well, this is where Advantage Design Group comes in with an online orientation completely tailored to your campus. We highlight the unique aspects of your campus and reinforce students' decisions to attend.

Learn why Higher Education Leaders like working with us.