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Advantage Design Group
Advantage Design Group
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6877 Phillips Industrial Blvd | Jacksonville, FL 32256

Advantage Design Group supports Life Transitions in Local Community

New beginnings need a place and time

Advantage Design Group supports those facing life transitions in our local community by contributing our time and talent to Alpha-Omega Miracle Home.

Video Promotes the Healing Power of Family

What does it mean to be family? What does it mean to have family?

For most of us, family is home. And yet, right now, right here in our town, hundreds of families are homeless, in search of a new beginning, wanting the chaos to end, waiting on a miracle. 

New beginnings need a place and time. A place to start, to breathe, a place to grow. And time. Time to think and learn and prepare. When we give to Alpha-Omega Miracle Home, our gift provides the gift of time and place for education, counseling, and outreach programs. We’re happy to share the story of Alpha-Omega Miracle Home with you and invite you to learn more at