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Advantage Design Group’s Virtual New Student Orientation features exciting Virtual College Tours

Meet Students Where they are with Advantage Orientation

Washington College

Advantage Design Group’s virtual new student orientation features exciting virtual college tours showing students connecting with students. After attending a conference session about online orientation, Candace Wannamaker, AVP of Student Affairs of Washington College, was sure she’d found a solution for the small, liberal arts institution on the eastern shore.

Her team had already decided to reduce their week-long welcome to three and half days. How could she give students useful, digestible, and relevant information on their time AND how was she going to get the buy-in she needed from stakeholders? 

With students being off campus for quite a while, we're ahead of the curve. We have an online orientation program that we're making robust. Our students will be able to experience Washington College without actually being here on campus.


Learn how Candace rallied her campus partners around the idea of using Advantage Orientation® to streamline the new-student onboarding experience. Students and their families learn what information is needed, get a glimpse of campus faces and places, and have a resource they can refer to all before they arrive.