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Advantage Design Group
March 17, 2020

How Higher Ed Plans to Welcome New Students

How Higher Ed Plans to Welcome New Students

In light of #COVID-19, #HigherEd leaders are scrambling to prepare to do without on-campus #orientation events. Given today’s extraordinary circumstances, the specter of summer melt is top of mind for #studentaffairs and #enrollmentmanagement professionals everywhere.

So, what’s the next, best thing to being there? How can schools put their best virtual face forward? Is there an easy and more effective alternative to yet another email, text, web page, online course or virtual tour?

Ahead of the curve

Right now, over 200 U.S. community colleges and universities are using Advantage Orientation® to recruit, welcome and introduce newly admitted students (and their families) to college. When recently asked about her school’s readiness to help new students successfully transition, one AVP of Student Affairs put it like this: “We wanted to meet our students where they are.” With Advantage Orientation®, “we’re more prepared and believe we’re ahead of the curve.”

Advantage Orientation® is a customizable and fully responsive #onlineorientation platform hosted in the cloud. Students and their families engage in a series of guided modules covering essential introductory topics. Content is video-rich and interactive. School administrators control content, prescribe screen time, and can measure student participation and completion in real time. Every system comes with unlimited training and support.

“Our clients tell us they want to create an experience. Building a course in an LMS or launching a virtual tour from their website is not enough,” said Sam Swingle, CEO and co-founder of Advantage Design Group® (ADG), providers of Advantage Orientation®.  According to client surveys, Swingle says most students start online orientations early in the enrollment process, before coming to campus or start classes. “We build online orientations for higher ed, that’s all we do. So, for those who want to provide students and their families with the best virtual orientation experience possible, we’ve created a way for them to launch a program in time to make a difference this year.”

It’s possible to launch an online orientation in time to make a difference!

In response to increasing demand, ADG is offering a re-imagined version of its Universal platform. A “starter” version of more advanced systems, the platform can be quickly deployed and comes with pre-populated content – video, on-screen copy, photography, and interactive quizzes. All platforms are ADA compliant and accessible on any device. Availability for pre-fall deployment is currently forecast for orders placed through the end of March.

Learn what's possible!

To explore options, contact ADG to schedule a consultation and cost analysis with your representative.