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Student Affairs Professionals Explore Virtual Orientation at State Conference

Discover Advantage Orientation® at MS SAA State Conference

How Virtual Orientation Delivers Information & Inspiration

State Student Affairs Conference | May 15-17 | Senatobia, MS

Student Affairs leaders from Mississippi's 15 Community Colleges explore virtual orientation success in a session presented by Northwest Mississippi Community College.

Student Affairs Professionals Explore Virtual Orientation at State Conference

With a vision for how virtual orientation could make a positive impact on the onboarding experience for incoming students and their families, student affairs leaders at Northwest Mississippi Community College (NWCC) identified a broad set of objectives they wanted to achieve. These orientation goals were defined not just in terms of numbers, but also by how they wanted students to feel.  

We want students to feel important, not just a part of a big group. We also want them to be informed AND inspired, confident that they can do this college thing. At the same time, we want to appeal to a diverse audience and show them NWCC has something for everyone.

At this Session

  • Learn from Dr. Tonyalle V. Rush, Assoc. VP for Student & Enrollment Management in an open discussion.
  • Explore what it's like to develop and implement a fun, exciting, and beautifully branded virtual orientation experience that is effective and easy to manage.
  • Tour NWCC's Virtual Orientation and experience animated, interactive, gamified, and video content, personalized for each student.
  • Get your questions answered and learn how Advantage Orientation® easily adapts to any onboarding scenario and any admissions type. This story is a model you can follow!