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OPTIMIZE Newsletter

VOL. 2 ISSUE 2 | MARCH 2022

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Client Success Team Expands Services

Client Success adds Account Management to Training and Support Services

Meet Your Client Success Team, from left to right: Holden Scyster, Support Specialist; Sally Swan, Client Success Manager; Simon Morantes, Account Manager; Warren Lavoie, Account Manager.

Whether you launched your online orientation five years, or five days ago, you’ve discovered training and support is always available. Training sessions often turn into idea sessions to explore additional features and functionality. To make expanding your platform even easier, Client Success services now include account managers who can help right away. Here’s how

“The most important thing for people to remember is more help is available from one, primary point of contact than ever before,” said Sally Swan, Client Success Manager for Advantage Design Group. “This is part of our overall strategy to take a more proactive approach by providing responsive support and training while simplifying the process of improvement.”  You can also look forward to regular check-ins from your account manager throughout the year.

How to Find the Help You Need

When you have the skills and know-how to manage your online orientation with confidence, you’re empowered to make quick, low-cost improvements to make it even better. Here’s a quick review of how to access information and get the help you need when you need it!

Inside Your Admin Panel

When you log in to your platform as an administrator, have you ever noticed the question mark in the lower, left-hand corner of your landing page? Selecting this symbol opens a menu of self-serve and contact resources. Here’s what’s inside:

Contact the Client Success Team

Use to push your message to the entire Client Success team and generate a support ticket automatically.

Select to schedule a training session.

Visit Support Site

To find answers to questions asked most often, visit the Support Site to access a comprehensive knowledgebase of how-to articles, covering everything from basic functions (like adding a slide) to more advanced topics (like assigning slides by “member group”) to take your platform to the next level.


Here’s where you can download pdf files of your Admin Panel Editor’s Manual and access information about managing your Vimeo account.

Training Videos

Every training session we conduct with you and your team is recorded and uploaded to this section so you can review it anytime.

Reach out Anytime!

There's a reason why unlimited training and support is always available for each online orientation platform. It is our goal to empower you with the skills and knowledge you need to manage your online orientation with complete autonomy, confidently.

Additionally, when you have an idea you want to explore or want to add those extra touches to your platform to make it even better, the Client Success team is ready to help.

Framing Expectations for Students & Parents

Advantage OnDemandTM is an easy subscription service that lets you add orientation video content anywhere, in an instant. This growing portfolio of videos addresses topics ready-made for new students and families. You can add them to your online orientation or website. This issue of OPTIMIZE features two, new examples.

While your online orientation answers practical questions, it is also helping to frame expectations. For example, students want to know what campus life will be like while parents and families want to know how their role will change. Anticipating change can be hard, but with your online orientation in place, you can add video content to build awareness and soften the blow of separation as students and their families prepare for a successful transition.

Let’s talk about Respectfulness & Inclusion

Let students know you value a community where everyone, from any walk of life, is understood, appreciated, and fully included. This hosted, live action video includes motion graphics to help explain the essential concepts of respectfulness and inclusion and the behaviors that support them. 


Family Communication - Parent to Parent

For some first-time college parents, it's hard to imagine their student has left the nest. Knowing when, how, and how often to connect with their student can be a source of misunderstanding. Listen in on an open and honest conversation between two moms who help each other learn how to let go while still being involved in their student’s life.

Preview Advantage OnDemandTM

Take a minute to preview the current list of titles available in Advantage OnDemandTM, then contact the Client Success Team to sample your favorite titles and learn how to get started.

Student Testimonial Videos

Student testimonials are one of the most impactful video concepts you can include in your online orientation. Students simply speaking to students can deliver a message with authenticity. We can help you take an intentional creative approach to give student testimonial videos greater meaning, purpose, and impact.

Before Filming Student Testimonial Videos

To give student testimonial videos a distinct purpose, ask yourself these questions to get started:

  • What do students worry about?
  • How do you want them to feel?
  • Which current students have experienced success and why?

Our pre-production approach includes spending time with you to answer these questions and help you choose the right talent to film on campus. You’ll want to select students who represent your student population. After all, when new students see themselves on screen, they can imagine themselves being there and being successful, too. Student testimonial videos are a great way to demonstrate your commitment to diversity and inclusion while reinforcing a sense of belonging.

Student Testimonial Examples

Here are two examples of student testimonial videos that can be placed in a primary section of your online orientation to emphasize the benefits associated with that topic. A testimonial video can include one or multiple students on camera along with b-roll to add interest and reinforce the message.

Student Testimonial Video from

Pasco Hernando State College

as seen in the Academics Section

Student Testimonial Video from

Dyersburg State Community College

as seen in the Programs Section

Contact the Client Success Team

Use the form to contact the Client Success Team and start the conversation about using student testimonials in your online orientation.

Your Online Orientation can also be a Recruitment Platform

Timing is everything. The earlier new students engage in your online orientation, the better. According to your feedback, the most popular time for students to start their online orientation is conditioned on admission, acceptance, a deposit, or some other form of commitment. They’ve decided to attend your school and receive access to their online orientation soon thereafter.

But, what if you led high-qualified prospects, website visitors, or tour participants to portions of your online orientation when they express an interest? With a Guest Access portal, you can show prospective students and their biggest influencers (their families) your most exciting, most compelling, and most persuasive orientation content at the best time in their journey.

 What is Guest Access?

With Guest Access, you can create another version of your online orientation ideal for marketing and recruiting purposes. This feature includes a login page for two guest types that can collect enough identifying information as you need to follow up. Use the administrator report to pass these qualified leads to your admissions and recruitment team. Of course, you can choose which content you want them to experience.

 Ask us How

To add Guest Access to your online orientation, contact the Client Success Team.

Thank you for your trust. We're here to help.

We hope you found value from this edition of OPTIMIZE. We look forward to helping you continue to improve your online orientation.