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Advantage Design Group

How to Take Your Advantage Orientation® to the Next Level

Webinar features Ideas to Support Recruitment & Improve Engagement


Register to Attend March 10 Webinar


Join us Wednesday, March 10, 1 PM EST, to explore seven affordable ways to “optimize” your platform’s performance, reach new audiences, and take “advantage” of fresh video concepts.

We’ll be covering these popular topics:


  • Guest Access
  • Surveys

Video Production & Concepts

  • Filming In Studio or On Campus
  • High-Impact Opening
  • How-To
  • Walking Tour

Advantage OnDemandTM

  • What's New
  • How to Subscribe

If you thought fast a year ago and launched a Universal platform, you won’t want to miss this event.


We're Here to Help

Filming on Campus

Want to save over $1,000 on your next video shoot?  Our video crews are on the road, using safe and socially distant filming techniques. We may be in your area soon. So, if you’re thinking about adding or updating your orientation videos, we may be able to work you into the schedule and pass the savings on to you!

Providing Feedback

As you rely on student engagement and feedback to keep making your online orientation even better, so we rely on yours. Your feedback is invaluable. If you haven't already, please complete this short survey.

Training & Support

Do you have an idea you want to try, a technical question, or need to train a new staff member? Stay empowered and in the know with a little help from our support team. Reach out and make a training appointment or ask a question.
Remember, all the training you need is included with your platform.