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Virtual Onboarding Platform Bridges the Gap for Graduate Students

Graduate Student Onboarding Success Begins with Advantage Orientation®

Virtual Onboarding Experience for Graduate Students

CSGS Annual Meeting | March 2-4 | Tampa

Discover how Advantage Orientation bridges the information gap with a virtual onboarding experience during the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools Annual Meeting.

“While graduate students are focused on the future, they also have multiple demands on their lives – working to advance their careers, raising families, and engaging in the community. Through online orientation, we’re able to create a vision of what their education can create for them and affirm their potential to succeed.”

A recent report concludes that incoming graduate students do not get the attention they need during the onboarding process. "This lack of attention can stem from the misconception that graduate students are adequately prepared to succeed at their post-baccalaureate studies due to their experience navigating the higher education environment as undergraduate students (Pontius & Harper, 2006). This is ultimately to the detriment of graduate students’ experience, as they report fears and anxieties similar to undergraduate students during their transition and orientation programs alleviate this anxiety. This ideological perspective neglects the specific intersectional and developmental needs of graduate students. Building a network of support for the graduate student begins with robust orientation programming..."

With Advantage Orientation®, you can provide incoming graduate students the convenient, digital experience they expect in a system you control, all in one online orientation platform.

  • Engage with prospective graduate students as adult, mature learners with interactive and video-rich content.
  • Welcome new graduate students with personalized and customized information for each graduate program.
  • Prepare graduate students to enroll with greater confidence.
  • Provide an ongoing digital resource for current graduate students throughout their enrollment.

Advantage Orientation® is

  • Trusted by hundreds of colleges and universities across North America
  • Highly rated for design, accessibility, responsiveness, digital experience, and robust reporting capabilities
  • Personalized to any number of audiences, student groups, families, guests, and staff
  • Adaptable to any engagement, enrollment, and onboarding strategies
  • Expandable to meet just about any starting budget to realize a near-immediate ROI

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