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First Year Experience Conference features Virtual Orientation Success Stories

PREVIEW this FYE 2023 Conference Session | Visit Us at Booth 62

5 Keys to Virtual Orientation Success

Education Session | Saturday, February 4 | 3:30 PM

Learn how First Year Experience leaders are engaging and empowering more incoming students than ever before with this virtual orientation solution.

After delivering orientation online through their learning management system, orientation leaders at Cal State San Bernardino sought a more empowering and engaging solution. Previously, less than 25% of new students completed online orientation.

Since launching a customized virtual pre-orientation built on Advantage Orientation®

  • More Completions: Just over 65% of students completed online orientation
  • More Engagement: 99% of students rated the experience as helpful
FYE 2023 Virtual Pre-Orientation Session

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  • Education Session, Saturday, February 4, 3:30 PM
  • Visit us at Booth 62
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Today, new students arrive more prepared, ready to define their future. A small team is doing more with less, empowered with a versatile onboarding system that is effective and easily managed. Content is updated on-demand and more meaningful data is accessed in real time. This session is led by Megan Huston, Orientation Senior Program Coordinator at CSUSB and includes an open discussion, platform demonstration, and outcomes, followed by Q&A.