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Innovate Graduate Enrollment Management with Graduate Student Orientation

Discover Why Your GEM Peers Choose Advantage Orientation

Onboard Graduate Students with Advantage Orientation

NAGAP 2023 GEM Summit | April 12-15

Manage change as you innovate the role of Graduate Enrollment Management with a Graduate Student Orientation system.

Columbia University School of Professional Studies

When you consider the changing needs and expectations of graduate students, guiding your "best fit" candidates through recruitment, admission, and onboarding toward enrollment may feel like a moving target.

Advantage Orientation® is a versatile and comprehensive virtual onboarding system. You can provide incoming graduate students the convenient, digital experience they expect in a system you control, all in one online orientation platform.

  • Engage with prospective graduate students as adult, mature learners with interactive and video-rich content.
  • Welcome new graduate students with personalized and customized information for each graduate program.
  • Prepare graduate students to enroll with greater confidence.
  • Provide an ongoing digital resource for current graduate students throughout their enrollment.

“While graduate students are focused on the future, they also have multiple demands on their lives – working to advance their careers, raising families, and engaging in the community. Through online orientation, we’re able to create a vision of what their education can create for them and affirm their potential to succeed.”

Georgia Southern University College of Graduate Studies

 Advantage Orientation® The Ultimate Virtual Onboarding Experience

Advantage Orientation® is

  • Trusted by hundreds of colleges and universities across North America
  • Highly rated for design, accessibility, responsiveness, digital experience, and robust reporting capabilities
  • Personalized to any number of audiences, student groups, families, guests, and staff
  • Adaptable to any engagement or enrollment strategies and onboarding scenarios
  • Expandable to meet just about any starting budget to realize a near-immediate ROI

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