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Online Orientation Panel Discussion featured at NODAC 2023

Learn from Orientation, Retention & Transition Professionals

Start with First Impressions: Online Orientations that Stand Out

October 15-19 | Hilton Minneapolis | Highlight Session | Booth 201

Online Orientation Panel Discussion featured at NODAC 2023

Add this online orientation panel discussion to your NODAC 2023 itinerary to learn from three orientation, retention, and transition professionals.

Tuesday, October 17, 2023 at 2:50 - 3:40 PM, Conrad A

New students and their families expect online resources to help prepare for college. Just like with in-person programs, HOW you deliver information online shapes their first impression of your institution. Personalization, engaging design, interactivity, and high-quality videos make a difference. Attend this panel discussion with OTR professionals at different stages of online orientation implementation using a system that’s delivered the best first impressions for over a decade.

Meet the Panel

  • Shannon Calega

Director, Office of Orientation and Family Engagement

University of Tampa

  • Devin Carpenter

Director of New Student Success

University of Montana

  • Vincent Prior

Director, Undergraduate Orientation Programs

Ohio University