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Advantage Design Group
March 10, 2021
Mar 10

How to Take Your Advantage Orientation® to the Next Level

Wednesday, March 10 | 1 PM | Online


7 Quick & Affordable Ideas to take your Universal Advantage Orientation from Good to Great!


Did you know Advantage Orientation® is being used to help recruit prospective students and engage their families? We’re going to cover how you can customize your orientation for recruiting by providing Guest Access.  

One thing is for sure - students love to watch videos!  We’ll cover how a High Impact Opening, Walking Tour and In-Studio and On Location videos with student hosts increases engagement. We’ll also highlight how-to videos and how, with Advantage OnDemandTM, you can easily add dynamic videos that are already produced to your orientation super quick.  

We also want to give kudos to those who thought-fast a year ago and had their Universal orientations up and running quickly.  If this is you, you won’t want to miss this webinar. We’ll be covering the seven most affordable ways to take your orientation from good to great!