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Advantage Design Group

Online Student Orientations


Their Experience

Students gain a personalized, anytime online resource.

  • Relevant

    Guide students through modules of targeted content as you introduce them to their new college home.

  • Intuitive

    Present your image and show your story within a framework that's uniquely yours.

  • Immersive

    Let them envision themselves as a student at your school with dynamic videos and engaging imagery.

  • Responsive

    Meet them where they are - on the device of their choice.

  • Interactive

    Make learning and discovery fun with video quizzes and items of interest.

  • Impressive

    Impress them and their families with the kind of introduction that's hard to resist.

Your Experience

Staff Gains a Suite of Powerful Tools in One Application.

  • Custom Interface

    We give your orientation the look, feel and voice of your brand in dual formats to meet ADA requirements.

  • Content Control

    Deliver a consistent message, segment student populations and speak in multiple languages.

  • Automation

    Automate the reminder process for students who need a little nudge to complete their orientation.

  • Integration

    You and your school's IT team will appreciate how we're able to secure bi-directional communication seamlessly with your student account management software.

  • Analytics & Reporting

    View and export usage data, survey responses, and quiz results by segment or attributes.

  • Limitless Capacity

    Your orientation knows no bounds.


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