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Q&A with Pitt Community College

Watch the full-length video or select from the questions below to hear the answer.

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Please tell us about Pitt Community College.

How many students attend your school and how many go through orientation each year?

Please describe your previous orientation program.

Online orientation can take many forms. What were you using before and why did you replace it?

How do you plan on using your online orientation once it is complete?

When will new students engage with your new online orientation?

How is your on-campus orientation impacted by your online orientation?

Why did you choose Advantage Design Group?

What's it been like working with Advantage Design Group through the development process?

What made you decide to hire Advantage Design Group to write your copy and video scripts?

Please tell us what the writing process was like.

What do you believe your online orientation will accomplish?

What would you tell your colleagues about the Advantage experience?

Can you offer any final advice?