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Advantage Design Group

Online Student Orientations

2015 DLA Conference

a discussion with the University of West Georgia

Advantage Design Group

Select the topic to watch the answer from this education session recorded at the 2015 DLA Conference. Presenter Janet Gubbins, Director of Distance and Distributed Education at the University of West Georgia, shares her experience developing an online orientation. Topics include research, project planning, process management and impact measures.

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Why Online Orientation is Important

Why UWG Needed an Online Orientation

The Impact of the Online Orientation

Building an Online Orientation In-house

Research Why Orientation Should be Mandatory

Determining Key Components

Why Advantage Design Group

The Design Process

The Student Process

Final Advice From UWG

Q&A: Tracking-Banner Integration

Q&A: Training Process

Q&A: Using an LMS with Online Orientation

Q&A: Time Students Take to Go Through Orientation

Q&A: Updating Video and Audio

Q&A: Full Service Team Approach


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