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Advantage Design Group’s Online Orientation Platforms are Key to Improving Matriculation Rates

2016 FYE Conference

Howard University, Florida International University & Hillsborough Community College

Student orientation professionals depend on Advantage Design Group’s online orientation platforms, which are vital to success and improving matriculation rates. College and university panelists at the 2016 FYE Conference represent very diverse institutional settings. During this session, they discuss how their online orientations - with a fresh look and responsible design - are easing transitions and improvising matriculation. They answer questions about planning and implementing their online orientation.

“91% said that it eased their transition into the university.”

“They felt more connected, and they came. And, so, our melt rate was actually a lot less. It was half, really.”

“And it just met all of the criteria, the fresh look and integration of technology.”

Request access to this conference session recording to learn from your peers representing:

  • Howard University
  • Florida International University
  • Hillsborough Community College