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Advantage Orientation Solution is proven effective for Distance Learning

Distance Learners more Likely to Engage with Advantage Orientation®

2017 DLA Conference

University of West Georgia

Orientation solution is proven effective for distance learning. As presented at the 2017 DLA Conference, you can watch this education session in its entirety or select a topic below to find a quick answer.  

Since launching their online orientation two years ago, Janet Gubbins, Director of Distance and Distributed Education at the University of West Georgia, tracks the data to measure impact. This video presents new student success data and answers questions from the audience. 

Why is an online orientation important?

Why not build the online orientation yourself?

Why did you choose Advantage Design Group?

What was the design process?

What path can students take?

How do you measure results?

Is content between in-person and online orientations similar?

Are online orientations built with accessibility standards?

How easy is it to update online orientation content?

Can students return to the online orientation where they left off?

How are online orientations built?

How long does it take to complete an online orientation?

How did you convince the University administration?

Is the ADA version of the online orientation the same as the regular version?

What advice can you offer?

What are your plans for the future?