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Advantage Orientation® software enhances the College Experience with online, new student orientation

Online Orientation Re-Imagined

Louisiana State University

Advantage Orientation® software enhances the college experience with online orientation and new student orientation. For instance, when Academic Affairs at Louisiana State University (LSU) decided to reduce the freshman on-campus orientation from two days to one, there was only one answer – geaux online!  

Heather Herman, Executive Director of Communications and External Relations, and Kelli Webber, Associate Director of Operations and Experience, combined their talents for marketing, communication and student engagement to lead the production of their "re-imagined" online orientation. Of course, we had a little bit to do with the results! Their results exceeded all expectations. There's really no disadvantage to this at all. The opportunity for our students to have these resources at their fingertips and to prepare them for orientation before they get here is invaluable.

All thumbs up! Just with our completion rate and how prepared the students were when they came to on-campus orientation were strong indicators that we should've done this much sooner.

To learn more about Kelli and Heather's success, request access to the recording.