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Online Student Orientations

2017 NISTS Conference

a discussion with the University of Washington

Watch in its entirety or select a topic below to watch the answer from this education session recorded at the  2017 NISTS Conference. Listen in as Ali Albrecht, Transfer Initiative Manager/First Year Programs, talks about how she's using Advantage Orientation® to improve the onboarding experience specifically for transfer students and how she knows it's working.

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Tell us about the University of Washington and your role there.

What were your goals for your online orientation called “University 101?”

How have students reacted to your online orientation?

Please tell us about your previous orientation.

How did you fund your new online orientation?

What kind of research did you do to make a hiring decision?

How big of a factor was the look and feel of your orientation?

Your online program is mandatory. How has it changed your on-campus orientation?

When do students experience your online orientation?

What have been the benefits of implementing an online orientation?

What are some of your favorite features?

How are you measuring your return on investment?

Questions from the Audience


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