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Online Orientation Reinforces Better Financial Decisions

Chico State Recognized for Lowest Student Debt in the State

Online Orientation Reinforces Better Financial Decisions

Among all the information students and families need for a successful transition to college, online orientation is a great place to introduce and reinforce how to make better financial decisions. Chico State, recently recognized for its commitment to helping students only borrow what they need, is a great example of how to start the financial aid conversation within an online orientation.

Chico State launched its online orientation built on the Advantage Orientation® platform in July 2018. The system breaks down topics into sections, including a segment on financial aid.

The message introducing the complex topic of financial aid is short and simple. Instead of trying to broach all the details of financial aid as students and families begin their relationship with the institution, students are introduced to Chico’s Financial Aid and Scholarship office and how professional staff can help. Content describes the different types of financial aid available, including which types of aid, need to be repaid. 

Leaning on the interactive capabilities of the system, reminders and action steps are highlighted within a customized, themed graphic called “Wildcat Wisdom.” Additionally, financial aid resources are automatically saved and retrieved when the online orientation is completed and an interactive checklist provides clear instructions on what to do next. Messages, experienced through multiple touchpoints, reinforce the importance of managing personal financial responsibilities.

Over 5800 students have completed Chico State's online orientation and financial aid information has been viewed over 8,400 times. Students retain access and return to the platform as a digital resource time and again. Student survey responses, retrieved from the platform’s built-in analytic tool, rank the content as informative.

Given these indicators, online orientation is part of Chico’s overall outreach and education efforts to not only ease the transition process but also help students avoid taking out more loans than they need.

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