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Title IX Module within Online Orientation Supports Training and Onboarding Objectives

ONE Online Orientation for TWO Essential Strategies

Ferris State University

How many online orientation platforms and programs does one university need to support both training and and onboarding objectives? Ferris State University (FSU) had three orientation systems and wanted to streamline the process to improve yield with one, high-impact system.  

 Today FSU’s online orientation delivers

  • On-brand and consistent messaging 
  • Personalized onboarding experiences to engage and succeed, whether on campus, online or at dozens of on-campus locations across the state
  • Essential Title IX Training 

Request access to this webinar recording to learn more about the benefits of online orientation. Co-hosted by Eric P. Simone, Assistant Director of Admissions for Marketing & Events at Ferris State University, gain insights to: 

  • Yield strategy 
  • The Student Online Orientation Experience 
  • Answers of the chat questions 
  • Discover a student onboarding and Title IX training model you can easily adapt to your institution