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August, 08 2019

Learning through Video Storytelling

There’s little doubt that when it comes to delivering a compelling message, in or out of the classroom, video is the n…

July, 17 2019

Higher Ed Partnership

Advantage Design Group® is in Jacksonville, Florida, close to the University of North Florida (UNF) and great student…

April, 17 2019

Advantage Orientation® Named a 2019 EdTech Cool Tool

UPDATED JULY 2019 Advantage Design Group’s Advantage Orientation® has earned top honors as a 2019 finalist in the ann…

November, 12 2018

Wow 'em with Video

Because you’ve got more to say, more to show or more to teach, leverage the power of video to maximize the impact of you…

February, 28 2018

FYE Panel Discusses Benefits of Advantage Orientation®

The 2018 First Year Experience Conference, held in Houston in February, featured a discussion panel highlighting the b…

December, 13 2017

Why we give to Alpha-Omega Miracle Home

Alpha-Omega Miracle Home began in St. Augustine, FL in 1997 to provide housing, counseling and education for the new fac…

December, 24 2016

What it means to be family

What does it mean to be family? What does it mean to have family? For most of us, family is home. And yet, right now, r…

October, 27 2016

NODA 2016 features Online Orientations: Transformed

When NODA members gather together, it’s always an exciting opportunity to learn about student orientation, transition…

June, 03 2016

A New Solution to the Dreaded Melt Rate

The time is drawing near for students to receive their long-awaited college acceptance letters. While high-school studen…

May, 31 2016

Advantage Design Group Teams up with Colleges and Universities Across the Country for Complimentary Online Orientation Webinars

A leader in developing student online orientation solutions for higher education, Advantage Design Group hosted a number…

May, 31 2016

FYE Conference Panel Discussion

A session held at the First-Year Experience Conference in Orlando in late February offered attendees a chance to hear di…

January, 28 2016

Celebrating 18 Years

Now in our 18th year of business supporting higher education with their orientation, recruiting, retention and transitio…

December, 17 2015

Advantage Design Group Spreads Christmas Cheer

Advantage Design Group is partnering with Alpha-Omega Miracle Home this holiday season in support of their center for ho…

December, 04 2015

Howard University and Michigan State University

Advantage Design Group recently co-hosted webinars discussing student online orientations with some of the nation's fine…

November, 24 2015

Panel Discussion at the 2015 NODA Conference

An online orientation panel discussion hosted by Advantage Design Group at the 2015 NODA Conference covered a variety of…


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